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Rs 91,975 cr invested in Odisha – Economic Survey

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As many as 213 large industries are operating in Odisha with a total investment of Rs 91974.90 crore. These industries have created employment for 109891 persons, says the Economic Survey report for 2014-15.

Similarly, there are 39 medium enterprises in the state with an investment of Rs 812.04 crore that have generated employment for 8438 people. The large and medium industries are operating in 22 districts of the state.

Of the total of 252 large and medium industries, 162 units belong to engineering and metal based industries with an investment of Rs 78200.27 crore. There are 31 units of glass and ceramic industries, 18 chemical & allied industries, 15 food & allied industries and 26 other units.

Over the last 10 years, maximum investment of Rs 80506.17 crore has been grounded in the steel sector, achieving a production capacity of 12.66 million tonne per annum (mtpa), 11.45 mtpa of sponge iron and 4.23 mtpa of other products. The steel units gone into operation have provided direct employment to 27690 persons and indirect jobs to 60,390 others.

The state government has signed 48 MoUs (memorandum of understanding) in the steel sector, envisaging a total production of 83.66 million tonne out of which 30 projects have started partial production.

The survey report says Odisha had about 10 per cent of the total steel production while it has 25 per cent of the total iron ore reserves of the country. Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) is the oldest steel plant in the state and the present capacity is 4.5 mtpa which is likely to get further expanded.Apart from steel, MoUs have been signed across sectors like aluminium, power, cement, auto ancillary and downstream industries.

As per advanced estimates for 2014-15, the share of the broad industry sector to GSDP of the state is 33.44 per cent as against 33.08 per cent for 2013-14.

During 2014-15, the share of the manufacturing sub-sector is 12.57 per cent and that of the mining and quarrying sub sector stands at 6.31 per cent of the GSDP. – (Source: BS)

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