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odishaOrissa (Odisha) has abundance of natural resources, still it is economically backward, thus in terms of Industrialisation and Globalisation.

The prime motto of this blog is to let the people know the happenings in the investment arena, to realise the investment potentials of the state and to attract the prospective private players to build up and participate in exploring the various possibilities across the state.

Investment climate of a state is determined by a mix of factors

Regulatory Framework
• Procedures for entry and exit of firms
• Industrial regulation, labour regulation, other government regulations
• Certainty about rules and regulations
• Security, law and order situation

• Skilled and cost effective labour
• Labour market flexibility
• Labour relations
• Availability of natural resources

Physical & Social Infrastructure
• Condition of physical infrastructure like power, water, roads etc
• Information infrastructure such as Telecom, IT, etc
• Social infrastructure like educational and medical facilities

Incentives to industry
• Tax incentives and exemptions
• Investment subsidies and other incentives
• Availability of finance at cost effective terms
• Incentives for FDI
• Profitability and incentives to industry

Orissa’s economy is primarily Agriculture based
• The state’s GDP grew at 9.53% between 1999-2000 and 2005-2006 to reach US$ 14.08 billion
• The tertiary sector has been the fastest growing, driven by growth in sub-sectors like services sector
• Secondary sector has grown by 11.12% during this period
• Contribution of primary sector to the GSDP has reduced over the years

Industries are based mainly on the Natural Resources in the State
• Forest based products provide livelihood to a large section of population of the state. About 11 million people are dependent either directly or indirectly on the forests for employment
• In 2004-05 alone over 2800 small scale units were established in the state
• The state is rich in iron-ore, bauxite, nickel and coal and hence attracted many mineral based industries

Key industries in Orissa
• Agriculture
• Forest based industry
• Minerals (Fero alloy, Aluminium)
• Cement
• Paper
• Sugar
• Fertilizer
• Iron and steel
• Handloom
• Information Technology
• Power
• Tourism

So, explore Orissa & invest here……

  1. February 18, 2011 at 3:48 PM

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